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Welcome to the 2014 CLC Lutheran Convention page.

Lebanon, Oregon

For those using wireless internet connections you may at times see 1 to 3 St. Johns connections.

It Does not matter which one you use.

The Sixty-seventh Annual Convention

of the

Concordia Lutheran Conference

Motto: The Vital Importance of Law and Gospel Preaching

June 22, 23, and 24, 2018


St. John's Lutheran Church

Sixth and Tangent Streets

Lebanon, Oregon

The Rev. Paul E. Bloedel, Pastor


The Plenary Pastoral Conference on June 19th and 20th

The Board of Directors Meeting on June 21st

Essay: "The Vital Importance of Preaching Both

Law and Gospel in Every Sermon" ( II Timothy 2:15 )

by Pastor David T. Mensing

The Friday Morning Keynote Sermon -- Text: Romans 6:23

by the Rev. Edward J. Worley, President -- Seattle, Washington

The Sunday Morning Sermon -- Text: Luke 24:47

by the Rev. David T. Mensing, Pastor -- Oak Forest, Illinois