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2014 Sermons

Note: Sermons are timed recordings of the service in MP3 format and have not been edited.

How We Christians Should React to Persecutions Jan 5th 2014
We Christians Should Even Love Our Enemies Jan 12th 2014
Jan 19th 2014
We Christians Should Even Love Our Enemies Jan 26th 2014
Love is the Fulfilling of the Law Feb 2nd 2014
We Must Discipline Ourselves so that We Do Not Fall from the Faith Feb 16th 2014
The Things that Christians Should and Should Not Boast of Feb 23rd 2014
The Bible's detailed Description of True Christian love Mar 3rd 2014
God Has Called Us Unto Holiness Mar 16th 2014
We Are to Follow God as His Dear Children Mar 23rd 2014
Freedom from Sin Is Found Only in the Gospel Mar 30th 2014
Difference between the Animal Sacrifieces of the Old Testament and Christ's Sacrifice of Himself on the Cross Apr 6th 2014
Jesus, Our King, Humbled Himself for Our Redemption Apr 13th 2014
Easter Sunday Resurrection of Jesus Apr 20th 2014
Our Faith Gives Us the victory over this World Apr 27th 2014
Let Us Remember Christ's Sufferings as We Live Our Lives May 4th 2014
Let Us Show Ourselves to Be Stranger sand Pilgrims in this Present World May 11th 2014
Let Us Respond to God's Goodness by Exercising Godly Self-Control May 18th 2014
What the True Religion Is and What It Is Not May 25th 2014
For June 1st, there is no recording of the service due to playing an old recording for the sermon.
The Miracles that Accompanied the Outpouring of the Holy Ghost on Pentecost June 8th 2014
The Unsearchable Mysteries of God June 15th 2014
Our True Christian Love is the Result of God's Love for Us June 22nd 2014
Opening Sermon 63rd Convention - Suffering for the Lord's sake is a gift to His dear children June 27nd 2014
Sunday Sermon 63rd Convention - Rejoicing in the Opportunity to Suffer Shame for Christ's Name June 29th 2014
Important Ways We Show Ourselves to be Christians July 6th 2014
This Earthly Existence Will Come to an End July 13th 2014
Various Ways that We Christians should be Putting our Faith into Practice July 20th 2014
The Glorious Effects of Our Baptism July 27th 2014
A Christian is a Slave Who is Free August 3rd 2014
If Children, Then Heirs August 11th 2014
Let the Warnings of the Bible Be Impressed upon Our Minds August 17th 2014
Various Gifts of the Holy Ghost August 24th 2014
The Power of God in the Gospel of Christ August 31st 2014
The Law and the Gospel Compared and Contrasted September 7th 2014
What God's Law Can and Cannot Do September 14th 2014
Walk in the Spirit, and Ye Shall not Fulfil the Lust of the Flesh September 21st 2014
How the Fruits of the Spirit Show Themselves in Our Lives September 28th 2014
Let Us Remember to Pray for Spiriual Blessings October 5th 2014
Why We should Endeavor to Keep the Unity of the Spirit Among Us October 12th 2014
Let Us Thank the Lord for the Spiritual Blessings He has Given Us October 19th 2014
Let Us Earnestly Fight against Sin and LIve in Godliness October 26th 2014
Why It is "Needful" for Us to Fight for the True Faith November 2nd 2014
How Christians are Able to Defeat the Devil November 9th 2014

Note: Due to technical difficulties part of the sermon was not recorded for the service on November 16th.

It is Good for Us to Pray for Our Spiritual Fellowship November 16th 2014
Memorial Service for Waltraut Elisabeth Natterer -- Believers in Christ Have Everlasting Life November 17th 2014
How God Wants Us to Wait for the Last Day November 23rd 2014
Jesus Came to His People as a Humble King (Matthew 21:1-9) November 30th 2014
The Scriptures Show Us the Truth when Our Human Reason would Only Deceive Us (Matthew 11:2-10) December 14th 2014
The Work of John the Baptist in Preparing the People for Christ (John 1:19-28) December 21st 2014
Christmas Eve Service December 24th 2014
Two Aged Believers Speak about the Important Work for which Christ was Born (Luke 2:33-40) December 28th 2014