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2013 Sermons

Note: Sermons are timed recordings of the service in MP3 format and have not been edited.

What We Should Learn From The Savior's Parable Of The Fig Tree! (Sermon Text Luke 13:6-9) Jan 20th 2013
Trust In The Lord With All Thine Heart! (Sermon Text Proverbs 3:5) Jan 27th 2013
How Can I Get Rid Of The Fear Which So Often Seeks To Take Hold Of Me? (Sermon Text Matthew 8:23-27) Feb 3rd 2013
May The Lord Graciously Keep Us From Ever Getting Tired Of The Old Paths! (Sermon Text Jeremiah 6:16) Feb 10th 2013
The Savior's Warning concerning Offence (Sermon Text Matthew 18:6-11) Feb 17th 2013
TRUE FAITH IN THE LORD JESUS AND HIS WORD IS NEVER IN VAIN (Sermon Text Matthew 15:21-28) Feb 24th 2013
All This Was Done, That The Scriptures Of The Prophets Might Be Fulfilled! (Sermon Text Matthew 26:54-56) Mar 3rd 2013
Jesus, The Living Bread From Heaven, Gives Eternal Life To Everyone that Believes In Him! (Sermon Text John 6:47-57) Mar 10th 2013
The Lord Jesus Glorifying God's Salvation! (Sermon Text Matthew 11:25-27) Mar 17th 2013
Palm Sunday - The Extension Of Christ's Kingdom (Sermon Text Psalms 72:8-14) Mar 24th 2013
Good Friday - Follow the Savior Down the Via Dolorosa "The Way of Sorrows" (Sermon Text Luke 23:26-31) Mar 29th 2013
Easter - Christ Is Risen From The Dead!! (Sermon Text 1 Corinthians 15:17-20) Mar 31st 2013